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We stock eco friendly books and dvds, fair trade kids toys, natural baby teethers and toys, organic linen, eco friendly garden products and more. Eco Vida Burleigh Heads - Wooden toys and Green Gifts for Kids
We stock eco friendly bags, hand made jewellery, natural clothes and organic clothes. Eco Vida - Neoflam Sale Eco Cookware Best Price
We stock eco friendly baby products, natural baby products and organic baby products. Organic products, natural products, eco products, environmentally friendly products
We stock eco friendly beauty products, natural beauty products for men and women, and organic beauty products for the whole family. Eco Vida - great range instore of organic and natural homewares
We stock eco friendly cookware, natural kitchen products and organic food. Neoflam Cookware Christmas Salle 50% off non-stick pots, pans and fry pans
We stock eco friendly cookware, natural kitchen products and organic food. Eco Vida is full of products that we love - and we love them because, in some way, they all look after people and the environment.
  • La Luna Cup - reusable menstrual cup

    The best alternative to tampons! *No excess waste *No harsh chemicals *Reusable for 10 years *Simple to use and clean *Soft, medical-grade silicone *Makes moon time pleasurable La LunaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits low in the vaginal canal. Menstrual cups have existed since the 1930s when women were searching for alternatives to the choices of the time. Yet, its breakthrough into the feminine hygiene industry is much more recent. Many women feel uneasy about changing their menstrual care routine. Years of dealing with the sights and odors of disposable tampons and pads cause the familiar reaction: “ick!”. However, La LunaCup empowers women to connect with their bodies and menstrual cycles like never before. Perfect for all activities (on air, land or sea), its easy care and use make for a better moon experience. Wear La LunaCup for up to 12 hours without leaks or worry. Just fold, insert like a tampon and it collects blood rather than absorbs it. You empty it rather than change it — a lifetime of freedom! By using La LunaCup, you will help protect the environment, save money, and have a positive and pleasurable monthly experience.

  • wewood time pieces 'alpha' collection

    WeWood timepieces have taken the watch design world by storm with their stylish and eco friendly watches made from all natural and renewable materials and... for every watch that gets sold a tree gets planted!

  • Eco Vida Online shop is full of eco friendly products, natural baby products, organic skin care and more

    LOVE eco friendly!

    Eco Vida is full of eco friendly products that we love - and we love them because, in some way, they all look after both people and the environment (all of our products are either natural, organic, use recycled materials or are environmentally friendly).

    Oh and they’re fun and stylish too (who said eco friendly products have to be dull or daggy)! Have fun browsing our online store and don't forget to pop in and say hello next time you’re in Burleigh Heads.

  • proof eyeware- smokejumper skate series

    A brand new collection within our Skate Collection, we are proud to introduce the Smokejumper. Each pair of glasses is made from Recycled skate deck!. They come in 4 colours Brown, Blue, Aqua and Rasta. Proof were the first people to do this! So be one of the first people in the World to have one! The Smokejumper is the perfect companion for the sport enthusiast or the fashionable. The unique frame shape looks great on any face type, men or women. Each pair is hand crafted from 100% sustainable wood. Extreme attention to detail is placed during the manufacturing process with custom laser engraving on each pair.

  • Hookturn Industries 12 oz Reusable Silicone BYO Coffee Cup BPA Free, eco vida image hookturn 12 oz reusable coffee cup bpa free

    A fantastic and practical design sensation, Hookturn reusable coffee cups are funky looking, function just like your takeaway coffee cup but are reusable, eco-friendly and guilt-free. Containing no BPA and made from food grade silicone these reusable coffee cups are a best seller in our Burleigh Heads store. Cut down your wastage, enjoy your coffee in a stylish and environmentally friendly coffee cup and feel good about doing your bit for the planet, "one coffee at a time". 8oz or 12oz sizes available, great colours to choose from.

  • Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining, eco vida image ERGObaby carrier black with camel lining

    The ERGObaby Carrier has won so many awards it is hard to keep track but they all say the same thing, this is one great baby carrier. It ticks all the boxes. It is easy to put on, can be used in many positions, it is so supportive to your back, it can be used from newborn to toddler and bubs love it!

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    Neoflam Ecolon Non Stick 28cm Red Casserole Pan eco vida image neoflam venn 28cm red casserole

    At last there is a range of non stick cookware that is healthy and eco-friendly. Neoflam’s Ecolon™ non stick, ceramic based coating doesn’t hurt the human body or the environment, because its main ingredient is silicon dioxide. In other words, dirt, sand and rocks. The range is also durable, efficient and very good to cook with (trust us, we’ve given them a good go!). For eco-friendly non stick cooking, these neoflam casserole pots are great.

  • Happy Cow Leather Hip Bag

    This hip bag is stylish as well as practical. It is Happy Cow's best seller and has even been featured on TV.

  • ergo pouch natrual sleeping bag organic cotton sleepy owl ergopouch baby sleeping bag 2.5 tog

    Ergo pouch organic cotton quilt sleeping bag made of natural fibres. Made from all natural organic cotton for healthy sleeping. Features a double end zipper for easy nappy access. Stretch inserts in the top and side panels for freedom of movement and comfort. Keep the covers on with this all natural eco -friendly baby sleeping bag 2.5 tog.

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